Use these prices for your paypal payment to order AVX1 updates

The current version is pre-release 08E6

USA Orders Only

Amount to pay by paypal

$97 = for 2 year subscription with overnight shipping
$39 = for single CD shipment by Overnight
$29 = for single CD shipment by 2 day

169time will pay the sales tax, so there is no need to add that.

Allow 1 business day for shipment of the first CD in the subscription to be made.
Allow 5 business days for shipment of CD for all other methods.

Payment: Currently only Paypal payments are accepted for CDROM update orders.
Use the paypal button below or make paypal payment to
The paypal address resolves to Ambir Adams

We can only ship to the confirmed paypal address.
Fill in the particulars of what you're ordering in the information box in the paypal payment.

If ordering a subscription and you want to get the current pre-release now-overnight, and to later receive the actual release by first class mail, be sure to note that in your paypal order information.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Support questions call: (530) 268-9605 / 12PM to 6:30PM E.S.T.
No telephone orders accepted

Order Information #VX2 revision 9/01/04